What is the world without the Scriptures?

“We might preface our work by labouring to raise your hearts to the consideration of the excellence of the Scriptures in general. Luther says it contains all good. Take away the Scripture, and you even take away the sun from the world. What is the world without the Scriptures, but hell itself? We have had indeed the word of God as the sun in the world, but oh how many mists have been before this sun! Seldom does the sun shines clearly to us. Since such a glorious sun has risen, it is distressing that there should be a misty day. Now the work to which we are called is, to dispel the mists and fogs from before this sun that it may shine more brightly before your eyes, and into your hearts.

Chrysostom in his twenty-ninth sermon upon Genesis, exhorting his auditors to get the Scriptures into their houses, and diligently to exercise themselves in them, tells them that by them the soul is raised, elevated, and brightened, as with the beam of the Sun of righteousness, and delivered from the snares of unclean thoughts. In the Scripture the great God of heaven has sent his mind to the children of me; he has made known the counsel of his will, and opened his very heart unto mankind.”

Jeremiah Burroughs

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