The eyes and heart of Christ

“It’s amazing what you can do if you get involved in the Lord’s work.

One night in the East End of London, a young doctor was turning out the lights of a mission hall in which he was working, and he found a ragged little boy hiding in a dark corner. The little boy asked him to please let him stay there, because it was warm in the corner, and he could sleep, and it was a nicer place than he always slept. The doctor said no, and he took the homeless little boy to his own room. He fed him. He bathed him. Then he tried to get his story. He learned from the little boy that he was living in a coal bin, and he was living in a coal bin with a number of other little boys. So the doctor asked the little fella if he’d take him to where the coal bin was so he could see.

They went through the narrow alleys of London. Finally, in the darkness of night, they came to a hole in the wall of an old factory. “Look…look in there,” the little boy said and the doctor struck a match, and he looked inside through the hole and crawled into a filthy coal bin cellar, and he found 13 little boys there, clothed with only bits of old burlap to protect them from the London cold; and one little fella had clinging to him tightly a four-year-old little brother.

They were all orphans.

The doctor said that, then and there, he caught a vision how he could serve the Lord. His name was Dr. Bernardo. The story is true. He cared for those little boys and for little girls; and at the time of his death, the newspapers of London reported that Dr. Bernardo had taken and surrounded with a Christian atmosphere over 80,000 homeless children, and hundreds of them became Christians because he had the eyes of Christ to see into the darkness and the heart of Christ to draw people into the light.

Oh, that we should so minister.”

John MacArthur

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