Better than just one day…

“Imagine that on just one night in the year the population of the world could see the moon and stars – one night in 365. What excitement built up in every part of the world as that night approached and how everyone went out of doors and sat and stood and lay back and looked at the heaven waiting for the horrible total blackness to end! They would have been thinking and planning, “Where is the best place in the world to go to see the stars at night?” and many would have bought plane tickets to go to the most cloudless places on the planet and stay in hotels – maybe deep in the heart of Texas where the stars at night are shining bright! What oohs and ahs of delight would greet that glorious sight! All night they lay back and gazed at it and passed the binoculars and telescopes around and at dawn were so sad that they would have to wait another year before they saw such a spectacle again. But we know that every night we can go out and look up and see the moon and stars, and so we don’t make a fuss about familiar glory. We barely glance at them. Now wait for my application . . . think of what would happen if God said that just on one day in every year he would hear and answer our prayers, just for one single 24 hour period. How we’d plan carefully that day, our intercession, our adoration, our confession, our thanksgiving, and then list all the things we wanted God to do. Would 24 hours be enough? The whole world would be locked in prayer for that one day each year. But you know that God hears and answers our prayers every hour and every passing moment, and we take that privilege for granted and many of us fail to pray at all. I am saying to you that the fulness of every grace is found in Jesus Christ, and every day we can go to him and ask for the graces that we need.” Geoff Thomas

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