Money has its place, but keep it there!

Richard Baxter writes,

“We may value a dunghill for the manuring of our land, but if any man will say, ‘This dunghill is the Sun which gives light to the world,’ the assertion would cause derision rather than belief. Or if you would persuade a man to put it in his bosom or on his bed, he would cast it away with abhorrence and disdain. The poorest beggar may be regarded in his place, but if he will proclaim himself king,  you will either laugh at him as a fool or regard him as a traitor.”

Likewise, money has a place. It is a tool.

But that’s all.

If we put money in the place of God, it’s like treating dung as if it were your wife or a beggar as if it were your king.  It’s strange, foolish, and ultimately, treasonous.

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