You are owned.

If you are a Christian, you have been bought with a price. Your life is not your own. That is good news. You belong to God! But it has implications.

1.) Today is not about you. You exist for God’s purposes.

2.) You don’t have the option of just doing whatever you want. You must ask first what does God want.

3.) If your Master is calling you to do something, He will give you the resources to do it. It’s not impossible. The question is not can you do it, but does God actually want you to. That’s all you have to be concerned about.

4.) You are free from other masters. You are not owned by sinful pleasure. You are not owned by greed. You are not owned by the approval of others. Refuse to live as if they were your masters so you can live today for the true King of the Universe.

You are not just a slave if you are a Christian. You are also a child of God. You are dearly loved. You are an heir of all things. But, praise God, you are also His slave, because this is a very different kind of slavery. It’s a slavery that honors the slave. It’s a slavery that frees the slave. It’s a slavery that’s only possible because of the price the Master Himself paid.


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