Simple Family Devotions #2: Getting to Know You

It’s going to be hard to get anything right today if you don’t remember who you are. Take a few minutes to think about what you naturally are like apart from God’s grace. Look up the following verses and write down what they say about YOU. Warning! Sometimes we read these verses so generically, as if they were only talking about everybody else. But, you might try to think more carefully about what they say about yourself personally by writing down, I …

1.) Romans 1:21,22,23,25

2.) Romans 6:23

3.) Ephesians 2:3

4.) James 2:10

5.) Titus 3:3

6.) Romans 5:6

Now that you have done that, go just one step further and jot down 5 ways believing that about yourself will make a difference on the way you view God and relate to others. 

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