Simple Family Devotions #7: The Good Life

How would you define the good life?

Jesus’ answer is simple. Knowing God.

Not only is knowing God essential to living forever, knowing God is key to really living life well now. It’s important you take time today to think about God.  You can begin where God begins. The first thing God tells us is that He is the Creator. This seems obvious, but we often fail to appreciate its significance. Look up the following verses and note what they tell us about God as Creator and how that reality should impact us.

1.) 1 Chronicles 16:25,26

2.) Psalm 89:11,12

3.) Isaiah 45:5,9,10

4.) Jeremiah 32:17

5.) Psalm 121:1,2

6.) Revelation 4:11

Now, what is one way you will think, feel or act  differently today in light of what you’ve seen about God? 


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