Simple Family Devotions #11: Alive!

Becoming a Christian is so much more than just beginning to go to church and trying to be a nice person. It is a supernatural work of God. He gives a person a new heart. He brings them from spiritual death to life. He enables them to trust in Jesus Christ and causes them to hate their sin. To appreciate that, let’s take a little closer look today at what happens when God saves a person.

Read the following verses and see if you can note what it tells you about the process.You might try to look carefully and see what comes first and then what comes next. How do you know someone is born of God? What happens in their life? 

1.) 1 John 5:1

2.) Romans 5:1

3.) John 1:12

4.) 1 John 3:14

5.) 1 John 2:29

6.) John 17:3

Now, if you are a Christian, thank the Lord for your salvation! He did it! And He did so much! But if you look at your life and you are missing these marks, please don’t trust in your religious activity. Cry out to God and ask Him to give you the miracle of the new birth!  

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