Simple Family Devotions #12: God is King!

You need to start this day by remembering that God is in control of what happens. He is King! And this King has a plan and will accomplish that plan no matter what. Look up the following verses and note what they teach you about the sovereignty of God. What is He doing? What is He in control of? What difference should that make on your life?

1.) Isaiah 46:9-10

2.) Daniel 4:34,35

3.) Isaiah 14:27

4.) 1 Samuel 2:6-7

5.) Matthew 10:28-31

6.) Proverbs 21:30

7.) Psalm 31:15

While it is not always easy to understand what God is doing, we can never doubt that God is at work and that His plan is good and that absolutely no one can stop Him. Your problems may seem big today, but God is much, much bigger. 

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