Simple Family Devotions #16: Trusting God

Spending time with your family in God’s Word is life-transforming. Yet sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. I have created these simple family devotions to help. Any believer can do this! Read the introduction, ask your children to look up the verses, and then discuss what they mean and how they apply together. You will be happy you did!


What does it mean to trust God?

Go ahead and take a moment and define it. I will wait.

Whatever it means, it certainly is more than just saying the words. Let’s take a few minutes and think through several characteristics of a person who is truly trusting God. What is the person in these verses doing or not doing that demonstrates he trusts God?

1.) Psalm 18:4-6

2.) Psalm 3:4-6

3.) Psalm 13:5-6

4.) Psalm 138:3

5.) Psalm 16:2-3

6.) Psalm 20:7

7.) Psalm 27:1-3

8.) Psalm 40:4

9.) Psalm 52:8-9

Now look back over this list and evaluate your own heart. Do you trust God? What evidence is there in your life that you are trusting God? How can you show you trust God today? What will you do to grow in your trust in God?

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