Life Change


How would you define this word?

A habit is something you do on a regular basis without really having to think about it. It is a practice that has become such a part of your life you do it almost automatically.

Habits are helpful.

Imagine having to learn how to tie your shoe again every day. We wouldn’t get anything done without habits.

But habits can be dangerous.

Sometimes are habits are based on false beliefs. These habits are not neutral. They are ways of thinking and speaking and feeling that are sinful. But we have done them for so long we don’t even notice that we are doing them.

This is one reason many Christians look so much like non-Christians. They have never stopped and examined their habits in light of the gospel. As a result, while they say they believe one thing, their everyday life looks like they believe something completely different.

How about you?

Let me give you one area to examine this week.

1.) Your everyday talk.

We have habitual ways of talking.

For example, some people instinctively complain. What false belief is complaining based on? What habit should you develop instead of complaining if you believe the gospel?

Or take lying. Some people habitually say things that are not true and they don’t even think about it. How is this a denial of the gospel? What habit should you develop instead of lying?

What about gossip? Some people continually speak poorly of others. Every time there is a conversation, they are saying bad things about others. What lie is this habit based on? How should the gospel change your habitual way of speaking of others?

If you are going to move forward as a Christian, you must evaluate your habits in light of the gospel and put off habits based on your old beliefs and put on one based on truth! It will be work. Habits are hard to change. But it is worth it! Start today.

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