MisUnderstood: the Bible on sickness and healing, part 5

God can heal.

But he doesn’t always heal.


We are asking some questions about what the Bible teaches about sickness and healing. And, we’ve come to question number five.

Why doesn’t God always heal? 

And, I am not going to give you all the reasons God may not heal. I don’t know them all. But, if you are a believer, I do know it’s NOT because He doesn’t love you. And it’s NOT because He doesn’t know how difficult it is for you, either. 

The reason I know that is because He has given us promises, and God never breaks His promises. 

This may seem like a very simple answer, but practically, it is profound. Because it means, as a believer, if God chooses NOT to heal you, you don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying whether if it is because He doesn’t love you, or because He doesn’t understand you. 

Instead, you can work on resting, in the fact, that He’s God. And as God, His wisdom, is unending. And He knows the future, completely. And plus He knows you, absolutely. And so, while you might not know all the reasons He is not healing you right away, you do know, He’s exercising His right as God, to allow you to continue to suffer, for your good and for His glory. 

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