Simple Family Devotions #17: God the Judge

Spending time with your family in God’s Word is life-transforming. Yet sometimes it is difficult to know where to start. I have created these simple family devotions to help. Any believer can do this! Read the introduction, ask your children to look up the verses, and then discuss what they mean and how they apply together. You will be happy you did!


What image comes into your mind when you think about God? While the Bible gives us many descriptions of God, one of the most important is that of judge. But what does it mean that God is a judge? What kind of judge is he? How does he judge? And what difference does it make? Look up the following verses and note what they tell you about God the judge.

1.) Genesis 18:25

2.) Nahum 1:2,3

3.) Ecclesiastes 3:17

4.) Ecclesiastes 12:14

5.) Romans 2:6,16

6.) Psalm 5:4-6

7.) Psalm 96:13

8.) Acts 17:31

9.) Hebrew 9:27

Slow down now and reflect on what you have learned. Why is it good that God is judge? Why is it scary? What difference does it make on your attitude toward sin? How does it impact your view of Jesus?

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