Through the Bible: Day #4

Let’s try to read as much of the Bible we can together this year. 

I know it is not always easy. 

I want to help. 

I am going to provide you with some questions most Mondays to Fridays that will help you get a little something out of what you are reading. Sometimes there will be more questions, sometimes less. So, get a notebook, a pen, your Bible, and if you would like some help, take some time to answer the questions, and you may be surprised by all God teaches you this year.

Genesis 4

God created a very good world. Man rebelled against God. God cursed the world as a result, but also made a promise about the seed of the woman. As we read Genesis 4, we are looking for the promised seed and we are also looking at the consequences of man’s sin. 

  1. What does Eve say after she gives birth to Cain? Why do you think she mentions God here and what connection do you think her statement might have with the promise God made in 3:15?
  2. She also gave birth to Abel. So we have two “seeds” here. Both of these seeds come to worship God and what happens? 
  3. How does Cain respond? How should he have responded according to God?
  4. What does God teach Cain about the nature of sin? 
  5. Cain doesn’t listen to God’s warning. What does he do? This is a fulfillment of Genesis 3:15 already. There are those who follow Satan and those who follow God. And, those who follow Satan will hate those who follow God! 
  6. Still God gives Cain a chance to repent. But what does Cain do instead? 
  7. Even when God judges him, does Cain repent? What does he do instead of repenting?
  8. God shows mercy to Cain, but do things get better? What are Cain’s descendants like by the end of this chapter? Especially notice what Lamech says. 
  9. This chapter might almost seem hopeless until the last two verses. The wicked seed of Satan seems like they have won. But, what happens here that gives hope?

Psalm 4

  1. In this world right now, the righteous will be persecuted. What does David show us we should do when we are suffering?
  2. What do we learn about men in these verses?
  3. What does David teach us about God? Why is he confident when he comes under attack?
  4. What are you tempted to do when you feel like people are against you? Besides praying, what else does David tell us we should do instead as we face difficulties in this world?
  5. Is it possible to experience joy in suffering? Where does David say his joy comes from? 

Matthew 4

  1. Where does the Spirit of God lead Jesus immediately after he begins his public ministry?
  2. After Jesus fasted, what happened to him. What does that tell us about Jesus?
  3. Satan tempted Jesus. How does this connect back to what God said would happen in Genesis 3? 
  4. What stands out to you about the way Satan tempted Jesus and the way he responded?
  5. What happened to John the Baptist?
  6. How does Matthew summarize the message Jesus preached?
  7. What does Jesus want Simon and Andrew to do and what promise does he make them? What does that tell us about Jesus? 
  8. How do they respond? 
  9. What did Jesus do in Galilee? What does that tell us about Him? What connection do you think his miracles might have had with his message about the kingdom of God? 

Now, to sum up. 

  1. What have you learned about sin and temptation in these chapters?
  2. What have you learned about the nature of life in this world for those who would follow Jesus?
  3. Given how bad this world is, what hope do these chapters give us? What should we do? 
  4. In the Garden, Adam and Eve failed in their response to temptation. In the wilderness, Jesus succeeded. What did he do differently? What can you learn from his response? 
  5. Why do you think Jesus was tempted? How does his response cause you to love Him? 

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