True Story Day #30: One month of Bible readings to help you understand what the Bible is about.

We’ve taken a month to look at many different Scriptures to try to understand the story the Bible tells.

Yesterday we summarized some of the main lessons we learned. Today, let’s try to summarize the story itself. Imagine you are talking with someone unfamiliar with the Bible and you want to explain the biblical story quickly. See if you can tell the story in just a couple of paragraphs.

As you do so, look back at over your notes and try to include the answer to some of the following questions in your summary.

  1. Why did God create the world?
  2. Why isn’t the world the way God created it?
  3. What promises did God make about how He was going to restore it?
  4. What does the Old Testament teach us about man’s inability to save himself?
  5. If man can’t save himself, what promises does God make about exactly who He is going to send to save him?
  6. How does the Old Testament prepare us for Jesus?
  7. What does Jesus say about himself?
  8. If Jesus is the Messiah the Old Testament promised, why did He die?
  9. What was Jesus doing exactly on the cross?
  10. What is the significance of Jesus’ resurrection?
  11. What is Jesus doing now?
  12. How are we supposed to respond to the message the Bible tells about Jesus?
  13. What’s God doing in the church?
  14. What hope does the Bible give us for the future?
  15. How does everything end?

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