Through the Bible: Day #9

Let’s try to read as much of the Bible we can together this year.

I know it is not always easy.

I want to help.

I am going to provide you with some questions most Mondays to Fridays that will help you get a little something out of what you are reading. Sometimes there will be more questions, sometimes less. So, get a notebook, a pen, your Bible, and if you would like some help, take some time to answer the questions, and you may be surprised by all God teaches you .

Genesis 9

The writer of Genesis is deliberately reminding you of the Creation story as he talks about Noah and the great flood. It is as if God has washed the world of its evil and begins once again with the most righteous man and his family. What will happen?

  1. How does this chapter begin? What does verse 1 sound like?
  2. Verse 2 tells us at least one thing has changed. What has happened to man’s relationship with animals? How is this a sign of God’s kindness?
  3. What does God say about murder in verse 6? What does this tell us about what our attitude should be toward other humans?
  4. What covenant does God make with Noah and his family and the world? And what is the sign of that covenant?
  5. What can you learn here about God’s attitude toward creation?
  6. What proof is there that the Noahic covenant is by grace?
  7. So we are in a pretty good spot here. Man’s been saved. God’s started over again. He’s made a covenant with the world. Then what happens in verse 20 and following? (Just in general)
  8. What does Noah plant?
  9. What happens to Noah? Is there any way you can think of that Noah’s sin here is similar to Adam’s?
  10. What does Ham do?
  11. What happens to Ham’s descendants, Canaan, as a result?
  12. Why is that fair?
  13. What does God say about Shem?
  14. Do you have any idea how this blessing and curse might help you understand Exodus through Joshua?

Psalm 9

  1. What does David say he is going to do in verses 1 and 2?
  2. Have you made the same commitment? When was the last time you deliberately gave thanks to God?
  3. In previous psalms David was under attack. What does he say has happened in this psalm? What hope might this give us as we live out the Christian life in this world?
  4. Where does God sit? What does that tell us about God? What does the fact that He is sitting tell us? What has he established his throne for? What does David say God is going to do?
  5. Who does God provide safety for?
  6. What do people who know God’s name do?
  7. What does David say God will not do?
  8. What comfort does David give the afflicted?
  9. What does David want those who have been saved by God to do?
  10. What is going to happen to the wicked?
  11. What does David want God to do at the end of this psalm?
  12. What have you forgotten if you are not fearing God?

Matthew 9

  1. What does Jesus say to the paralytic and why?
  2. Why is the fact that this is the first thing Jesus says surprising?
  3. How do the scribes respond to this? Why do they respond like this? What is Jesus saying about himself by saying this?
  4. What does Jesus do next and why?
  5. Who does Jesus call to follow him in verse 9? What does that tell us about Jesus?
  6. Who does Jesus eat with in verse 10? Why does this make the religious leaders upset? What reason does Jesus give? What does he want the religious leaders to learn? Who does Jesus say that he came for? What hope does that give you?
  7. Who does Jesus say he is in verse 15?
  8. Who does Jesus heal throughout the rest of this chapter? What do you think those healings tell you about Jesus? What do the healings in this chapter tell us we are supposed do in response to Jesus?
  9. How do the Pharisees respond to all these healings? What does that tell you about the nature of unbelief?
  10. When Jesus sees the crowds, what does he feel? Jesus reveals God to us, so what can we learn about God from this scene?
  11. What does Jesus say about the harvest and the laborers? What does he say we should be praying for?

Now to sum up. 

  1. What have you learned in Genesis that will help you understand the rest of the Old Testament story?
  2. How have you been encouraged about who God is?
  3. What have you learned about a relationship with God so far?

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