Through the Bible: Day #11

Let’s try to read as much of the Bible we can together this year.

I know it is not always easy.

I want to help.

I am going to provide you with some questions most Mondays to Fridays that will help you get a little something out of what you are reading. Sometimes there will be more questions, sometimes less. So, get a notebook, a pen, your Bible, and if you would like some help, take some time to answer the questions, and you may be surprised by all God teaches you.

Genesis 11

  1. There is a list of names in Genesis 10. Who are these names describing? There is a list of names in Genesis 11:10 and following. Who are these names describing? 
  2. In between these two list of names, there is a story. What is this story about? 
  3. What does the author tell us about the whole earth in verse 1?
  4. The people were migrating from the east, looking for a home. What did they decide to make for themselves in verses 3 and 4? Why did they want to make that according to verse 4? 
  5. If you could summarize simply what motivated them, how would you do it? 
  6. They are trying to build a tower to make themselves as great as God, but what does God have to do in verse 5 even to see the tower?
  7. God’s plan was to bless man by providing their good, but man rejected God and here we see once again, them rejecting God’s plan and trying to establish their own good. What is the result of their rebellion against God? 
  8. Even after the judgment of the flood, and God starting the world all over again, what have men gathered together to do? What question does that cause you to ask? 
  9. What then might be the significance of a genealogy of Shem coming after this discouraging story of the Tower of Babel? Especially given the promise made to Eve about her seed?

Psalm 11

  1. What does David commit himself to at the beginning of this Psalm? Have you made that commitment?
  2. What are people telling him to do?
  3. What is the reason they are giving him that advice? 
  4. Have you ever felt like that? What are you tempted to do when it looks like obeying God is not working?
  5. What reason does David give as to why this is such a bad idea? Why is he responding to this crisis so differently than everyone else?
  6. What does he tell you about God?
  7. What encouragement do you receive from this psalm for persevering in obedience even when it is difficult?

Matthew 11

  1. What question did John ask of Jesus? Why do you think he might have asked that question? 
  2. What is Jesus answer? 
  3. What does Jesus say about John? But what does Jesus say about the person who is least in the kingdom of heaven? What do you think is his point?
  4. The Jews of his day rejected Jesus. But what does their response to Jesus and John tell you about the possible reason why they rejected him? 
  5. What does Jesus say about the cities that did not repent at the preaching of the apostles? What does that tell you about God’s judgment? What does that tell you about the seriousness of rejecting the revelation that you have received about Christ?
  6. What does Jesus give thanks for? What does that tell you about how a person comes to believe in Jesus?
  7. What offer does Jesus make? What does Jesus want us to do? And why should we do it?

Now to sum up. 

  1. What did you learn about sin? 
  2. What did you learn about the Christian life?
  3. What did you learn about God’s judgment on sin?
  4. How were you encouraged?
  5. How were you challenged? 
  6. Is there any way you can think or act differently based on what you have studied?

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