Simple Family Devotions #20: The Man! Christ Jesus

Which is harder for you to believe: that Jesus is fully God or that He became fully man? (And, what’s more, to make it even more amazing, that He did this without stopping being fully God!)

This is a miracle above miracles.

And honestly, it is one that is hard for us to understand. Either we think of Jesus as man and forget that He is God or we focus on Jesus as God and neglect His humanity. To think that the same person can have two natures so distinct as God and man is a concept that is far above our abilities to comprehend.

But still, it’s important through faith we take the time to meditate and enjoy who Christ is.

In previous devotions, we’ve looked at the deity of Jesus. Today, let’s look at some passages that help us think about his humanity. Read the following verses and write down what they tell you about Jesus. (I know, some may seem obvious, but take note of what they say anyway!)

1.) Luke 2:7

2.) Luke 2:40,52

3.) John 4:6

4.) John 19:28

5.) Matthew 26:38,39

6.) John 6:38

7.) Hebrews 2:17,18

8.) Hebrews 4:15,16

Now, walk your way back through those obvious statements you made about Jesus, remembering that He is also fully God!

How much does God love you! He … (fill in the blank) for you!

Can you think of any specific ways seeing Jesus like this should change the way you think, feel or act today?  

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