Through the Bible: Day #24

It is vital that we spend time in God’s Word.

But it’s not always easy.

We read a chapter and we don’t know what to get out of it or even how to start to understand it.

I thought I could try to help you get a little something out of what you are reading by providing you with some questions to ask as you look at the text.  Good questions are a good start to understanding. Sometimes there will be more questions, sometimes less.

You can do this!

So, get a notebook, a pen, your Bible, and if you would like some help, take some time to answer the questions, and you may be surprised by all God teaches you.

Genesis 24

  1. In what way does the opening verse of this chapter remind you of God’s faithfulness to His promises?
  2. Abraham is concerned for his son here. What does he make his servant promise not to do?
  3. The servant brings up a possible problem. What if the woman doesn’t come? He then asks whether he should take Isaac back to the land from where they came? What is Abraham’s response? Why do you think he responds like that?
  4. What is Abraham confident God will do in verse 8?
  5. Where does the servant stop and kneel when he arrives in the city of Nahor?
  6. What does he pray? What specifically does he want God to do and why? What does the servant want to know about God’s relationship to Abraham?
  7. What happens before he even finishes praying?
  8. As the servant is watching this happening, what is he wondering according to verse 21?
  9. Finally, after the woman has shown hospitality to him, how does the servant respond? What has he learned through this process?
  10. The servant comes into the relative’s house. He is offered food, but he will not eat until he has spoken. What does he say about Abraham? What does he say about God in this passage?
  11. How do Laban and Bethuel respond? What do they recognize?
  12. But they are not quite ready to let Rebekkah go. What do they suggest to the servant and how does he respond?
  13. When they ask Rebekkah what she wants to do, what does she say?
  14. What blessing do they give her? What promise is that similar to?
  15. Isaac is out in the field and he fits up his eyes and what does he see? Rebekkah is coming toward him, she lifts up her eyes, and who does she see?
  16. What is Isaac’s attitude toward Rebekkah?
  17. This is a long story about Abraham finding his son Isaac a wife. But this story tells us alot about God’s commitment to Abraham and his promise. How has God been at work in this story and what comfort can you find from that?

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