Simple Family Devotions #22: The Hope of Glory

I have a hope of glory.

And if you are a Christian, so do you.  Paul actually says that this part of the glorious mystery that is revealed in the gospel, Christ in you, the hope of glory.

But what does that mean?

Glory is a big biblical word. It actually takes a number of words to define it.

Glory has to do with repute and honor.  It has to do with importance.

There’s even this element in the New Testament of beauty, radiance.  It is something that is impressive, even awe-inspiring which means Christians have the hope of repute, honor, importance, being beautiful, impressive, awe-inspiring, and majestic. I realize that sounds like almost too much. But it’s not my idea. It is God’s. When you start chasing this word glory around the New Testament, you see there’s a lot of talk not only about believers glorifying God, but also about God glorifying believers.  Let’s look at several passages and note what they tell you about this future hope. (Just make simple observations about what the verse tells you about being glorified.)

1.) Romans 8:15-17

2.) 1 Peter 5:10

3.) Romans 8:28

4.) 2 Corinthians 4:17

5.) Romans 9:22,23

6.) Hebrews 2:10

7.)Philippians 3:21

8.) 1 Corinthians 15:42,43

9.) Romans 8:18-19

Now, it is easier to think about Christ being glorified than us being glorified along with Him. Believing that definitely takes a supernatural work of the Spirit of God, because the kind of glory we are talking about is not something small. It’s not something we deserve. It’s a gift. But it’s a gift that’s real and that should change the direction of our entire lives. Does it? God wants you to be sure about your future glory. Do you believe God is going to glorify you? What difference should knowing that make on your life today?

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