Through the Bible: Day #40

It is vital that we spend time in God’s Word.

But it’s not always easy.

We read a chapter and we don’t know what to get out of it or even how to start to understand it.

I thought I could try to help you get a little something out of what you are reading by providing you with some questions to ask as you look at the text.  Good questions are a good start to understanding. Sometimes there will be more questions, sometimes less.

You can do this!

So, get a notebook, a pen, your Bible, and if you would like some help, take some time to answer the questions, and you may be surprised by all God teaches you.

Genesis 40

  1. This chapter begins simply, ‘Some time after this.’ We can read over that quickly, but where is Joseph during this time? How does that remind you of the challenges he faced? What questions might you be asking God if you were in his position?
  2. What happens though while Joseph is in prison? Where are these two men placed? What does the captain of the guard ask Joseph to do?
  3. God’s rescue plans can seem so strange. God has not forgotten Joseph. He is working through an angry Pharaoh. Pharaoh gets angry at these these men, throws them in prison, but God is even behind that.
  4. On the same night they had a dream. What did Joseph see? What did Joseph ask? Why is Joseph so confident to ask this? What can you learn about God from this?
  5. What does Joseph ask the cupbearer to do after he interprets his dream? (How many days by the way before this happens for the cupbearer?)
  6. Joseph gives the interpretations to both men, good and bad. He communicates revelation when it benefits him and when it is hard for him. And what does verse 20 say happened on the third day?
  7. This chapter ends very sadly. What happens in verse 22?
  8. What would you be tempted to be thinking if you were Joseph at this point? How do you think Joseph was able to keep going and keep trusting God?

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