Simple Family Devotions #26: The Good Life

Who has it really good?

We all know the kind of people unbelievers would look at and say they are blessed. But who are the kind of people God looks are and says they are blessed?

The Psalmist describes them in the follow passages.

Note who is blessed according to these verses.

1.) Psalm 1:1,2

2.) Psalm 2:12

3.) Psalm 106:3

4.) Psalm 32:1.2

5.) Psalm 34:8

6.) Psalm 41:1,2

7.) Psalm 84:4,5

8.) Psalm 112:1

9.) Psalm 94:12

10.) Psalm 119:1,2

11.) Psalm 146:5

Now, I know that’s a lot of verses but I really want you to enjoy the good life. If these things are true of you, you are blessed! Are they? Then stop envying others and be thankful! So maybe you don’t look blessed according to the world’s standards but what does the world know? If these qualities aren’t true of you, make pursuing these qualities a priority in your life today. Which one do you need to work on the most? How can you work on that quality today?

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