Through the Bible: Day #43

Genesis 43
1. What are some of the difficulties Jacob and his family are experiencing at the beginning of this chapter?
2.  What does Jacob want his sons to do? Why is it a little surprising for him to make this request given how the previous chapter ended?
3. Judah this time says they will not do it unless they send Benjamin with them. But Jacob is suspicious. What question does he ask and how do the brothers respond?
4. Reuben has said that his father could kill his two sons if he doesn’t bring Benjamin back alive. What pledge does Judah make his father?
5. Jacob has been stubbornly refusing to send Benjamin. But finally he decides to sends the brothers with some gifts and Benjamin. Where does he place his hope as he does so?
6.These men are desperate for food and are willing to make great sacrifices to get it. (Are we this desperate for God’s Word?) The men go down to Egypt, stand before Joseph, and what does Joseph tell his steward to do?
7. How do his brothers respond to this offer? What do they think Joseph is up to? So what do they do when they see the steward? 
8. How does the steward reply? And who does he credit it to? Where do you think he learned this from? What does that perhaps tell you about Joseph?
9. What do they do when they see Joseph? How many times does it say they did this? Why do you think it repeats it?
10. What does Joseph do when he sees Benjamin? (By the way, Joseph seems to do this alot!) Joseph is a great hero in the Bible, and yet he is not afraid to do this. What does that perhaps tell you about the Bible’s view of masculinity?
11. What strange way do they eat this feast? Why do they do it that way?
12. What are the men amazed about as they sit down to the feast. What do you think they are thinking as they are experiencing all this?
13. What is the difference between Benjamin’s portions and theirs?

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