Through the Bible: Day 63, Exodus

It is vital that we spend time in God’s Word.

But it’s not always easy.

We read a chapter and we don’t know what to get out of it or even how to start to understand it.

I thought I could try to help you get a little something out of what you are reading by providing you with some questions to ask as you look at the text.  Good questions are a good start to understanding. Sometimes there will be more questions, sometimes less.

You can do this!

So, get a notebook, a pen, your Bible, and if you would like some help, take some time to answer the questions, and you may be surprised by all God teaches you.

Exodus 13

  1. What does God tell Moses he must do in verses 1 and 2?
  2. What does this word consecrate mean?
  3. What is the impact on the family do you think if they knew that their father had specially set apart their first born children and the first born of their animals to God?
  4. What does Moses tell the people they have to do in verse 3? Now, being delivered this way was pretty awesome. Isn’t it surprising they have to be commanded to remember. What does that tell us about the spiritual life?
  5. Moses tells them even as they are leaving that when they enter the Promised Land they are going to have to observe a festival in which they remember the way God delivered them. What do you think that tells the Israelites before they are rescued?
  6. Now, look at verse 8 and 9 and verse 14-16, what was the purpose of this festival? What does this tell you even about the responsibility of parents?
  7. After Pharaoh let the people go, God didn’t take his people a certain way. Why? What does that tell you God already knows about these people?
  8. What did Moses take with him on this journey? What do you think about that? What is the significance of that?
  9. How did the Israelites know when to go and which way to go? What do you think God’s leading of them that way was meant to teach them?

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