Simple Family Devotions #27: What is Necessary?

You will have many things going on in your life today. They will feel important and sometimes even urgent. But what is really necessary? If you stripped life down to its bare minimum, what is it that really matters most to God?

One way to begin answer that question is to look at Jesus. Look at the following verses and identify what He said was necessary.

1. Luke 2:49

2. Luke 4:43

3. Luke 9:22, 24:7, 24:26

4. Luke 11:42, 13:16

5.Luke 15:32

6. Luke 18:1

7. Luke 19:5

8. Luke 21:9

9. Luke 22:36,37, 24:44

Now review what was necessary for Jesus and try to summarize what you saw in a more general way. For example, it was necessary for Jesus to be in his Father’s house – it is necessary to commune with God. How does Jesus perspective on what takes priority shape your priorities? Obviously you are not Jesus so there are some things that are different but you are His follower so much will be the same. You have many demands on your life today, but don’t let the world cause you to lose sight of what really matters in this life. Look to Jesus and learn!

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