Yes is Yes and No is Not…

With moving back to the States, I have been thinking a lot about being bold.

I found this quote from Spurgeon a real motivation.

“There are in the Word of God certain things really taught. Do not believe that the Bible is a lump of wax to be shaped just as you please. Do not imagine that “Yes” is right, and that the “No” which contradicts it is right too. The Lord has written this Book intending to teach us something, and a moderate understanding, sanctified by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, will enable you to know what the Lord does mean to teach you, especially upon such a vital point as this. Do not, I beseech you, say, “Oh, it does not much matter what doctrines I hold.” You are as much responsible for using your judgment as you are for using your hands and your feet. God never did yet free conscience from his jurisdiction. Conscience is free, but not before God. You have a right to your convictions as far as I am concerned, but if your convictions be wrong, you have no right to them before God.”

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