Obedience and the love of Christ

How do we come to know the love of Christ?

In his sermon on Ephesians 3:19, Charles Spurgeon gives several steps.

First, we must know and believe the Scripture.

Second, we must experience and be grateful for salvation and sanctification.

But third, practically we must obey.

I have found this so true over the past few years. The times I have experienced Christ’s love most deeply have been the times when I have stepped out in obedience and the times I have been most dry have been the times when I haven’t been as actively engaged.

Spurgeon says,

“If we would learn Christ, we must be practically engaged in his service. We must learn his love by keeping his commandments. You may sit in these pews and be preached to every Sabbath-day; you may hear God’s truth plainly and simply unfolded; but if you want to learn, and learn in such a way that you never will forget, it is the back-streets that must teach you, the lodging-houses, the haunts of poverty, and the dens of vice. If any man would know the love of Christ, let him go where Christ went, and to the place where a Saviour is needed; let him carry Christ’s light to give light to others, and it shall enlighten himself; let him go forth to water other men’s vineyards, and his own soul shall be watered also. Whatsoever his Master bids him do, let him do it, and he shall learn his Master’s will while he is doing his Master’s will.”

It sometimes seems scary to go out of your comfort zone and people look on it as a sacrifice, but it’s a privilege, because so often as you do push harder and go further than you normally would in obedience, you taste Christ’s sweetness more deeply than ever before.

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