The Powerful Testimony of a Holy Life

Charles Spurgeon speaks very strongly about the importance of holy living.

“Believe me, there is no preaching in this world like the preaching of a holy life. It shames me sometimes, and weakens me in my testimony for my Master, when I stand here and recollect that some professors of religion are a disgrace not only to their religion, but even to common morality. It makes me feel as though I must speak with bated breath and trembling knees, when I remember the damnable hypocrisy of those who thrust themselves into the church of God, and by their abominable sins bring disgrace upon the cause of God and eternal destruction upon themselves. In proportion as a church is holy, in that proportion will its testimony for Christ be powerful. Oh! were the saints immaculate, our testimony would be like fire among the stubble, like the flaming firebrand in the midst of the sheaves of corn. Were the saints of God less like the world, more disinterested, more prayerful, more godlike, the tramp of the armies of Zion would shake the nations, and the day of the victory of Christ would surely dawn. Freely might the church barter her most golden-mouthed preacher if she received in exchange men of apostolic life.” 

While it might sound a bit like Spurgeon is minimizing preaching, knowing Spurgeon, obviously he’s not. He’s just emphasizing the importance of living lives that are worthy of the gospel. We need good preaching and we need believers to live holy lives that compel people to turn and listen to that preaching.

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