How to Get the Most from the Bible

We recently went on our first “mens” retreat as a church. It was a fantastic time, talking about how to benefit from the Bible. I thought I could pass along the study guide we handed out in case it would be of help to anyone. Aims of the Weekend * To help you learn basic principles for interpreting the Scripture competently. * To help you develop a great love for God and His Word. * To give a plan for understanding and applying God’s Word to your everyday life. Why do I need to learn how to study the Bible? … Continue reading How to Get the Most from the Bible

Russian Insights

I am a major Chekhov and Tolstoy fan. I don’t mean that I know a lot about them or that I am some kind of expert in their work but that when I read or listen to either Chekhov or Tolstoy I am constantly amazed by their insight into human nature.  They challenge me as a pastor and a preacher: have I thought deeply about the way people work nearly as well? I am preaching the Bible to people, do I know people? I’m listening to a couple of works by Tolstoy on death right now.  You can download them for … Continue reading Russian Insights


O.k. I know these aren’t articles, but I did want to post a link to what may be a series of helpful lectures. I hadn’t seen this site before so I certainly can’t vouch for everything on it but you may want to check out The MacLaurin Institute. I’m especially interested in the series of lectures on Christianity and Consumerism and Faith in the Marketplace. Continue reading Mp3s