If Luther called me Satan

John Calvin: “I hear that Luther has at length broken forth in fierce invective, not so much against you as against as against the whole of us. On the present occasion, I dare scarce venture to ask you to keep silence, because it is neither just that innocent persons should thus be harassed, nor that they should be denied the opportunity of clearing themselves; neither, on the other hand, is it easy to determine whether it would be prudent for them to do so. But of this I do earnestly desire to put you in mind, in the first place, … Continue reading If Luther called me Satan

Turn to Jesus

Dundee, September 1842 From Robert Murray McCheyne to a friend Dear ___________________, I was glad indeed to see, by the line you sent me, that though your mind is dark and troubled, you have not gone back to the world. Ah, it is a false, deceiving world! It smiles only to betray. I want to lead you to taste the peace that passeth understanding, and that it is only to be found in Jesus You are quite wrong in thinking that I do not understand your misery. I know it well. It is true Jesus does give me peace. He … Continue reading Turn to Jesus