Introduction to Colossians part 2

I think I sometimes have missed the point of Colossians because I look at the problem the Colossians were struggling with and it is not so much of a struggle for me. Paul talks about philosophy and empty deception and you start diving into the specifics of the heresy there at Colossae and it is a little strange. It just doesn’t seem that hard to say no to. I mean, there was the worship of angels. (v.18) It was all based on these so-called visions that someone said he was having. (v.18) It claimed to be this philosophy, offering up … Continue reading Introduction to Colossians part 2

Introduction to Colossians part 1

I wonder if you can think back to when you first became a Christian or at least when you were in the beginning stages. I want you to think about some of the basic truths you started to understand and confess as a new or at least beginning believer. It’s not like you have to even go all that deep. Maybe creation. Or the fall. Or the incarnation. Maybe redemption. Or we can keep going, the future restoration. If you look at the way some people talk and act and feel and sing about some of these things you might … Continue reading Introduction to Colossians part 1