Handling Trials Worksheet

Lesson 1 When Life Hurts Summary This lesson shows what the Bible teaches about how to respond to the difficult experiences of life. Outline 1. Getting Started 5 minutes 2. Responding to Trials 45 minutes Goals To teach students why it is important to respond to trials in a biblical manner, to show them how to respond to trials in a biblical manner, and to help them understand why they should respond to trials in a biblical manner. Lesson Preparation As you prepare this lesson think about the difficult experiences God’s brought you through, what you’ve learned from them, the … Continue reading Handling Trials Worksheet

Ten Helps for Overcoming Sexual Temptation

Over the next several days I want to share ten pieces of counsel from Ephesians 5:3-6 for those struggling with sexual temptation and greed. 1. Sexual sins are often the fruit of a self-centered lifestyle. Paul begins this passage which calls us to put off sexual sins with the word but which tells us he is making a contrast. The contrast is with the self-sacrificial lifestyle he has called us to in verses 1 and 2. When you are struggling with sexual temptation it can act like a warning bell in your mind that perhaps you are at the same … Continue reading Ten Helps for Overcoming Sexual Temptation

Speaking the Truth Worksheet: Leader’s Guide

Ephesians 4:25 “Speak the truth to one another” There is more to being holy in your speech than simply stopping lying. We need to develop a whole other way of speaking to one another. It is important we think carefully about what it means to speak the truth. 1. Think for a moment about reasons why a follower of Jesus must be known as a truth speaker. What is the connection between Jesus and truth? 2. What does it mean to speak the truth to one another? What would this look like in a church or small group or family? … Continue reading Speaking the Truth Worksheet: Leader’s Guide

Putting Off Lying Worksheet: Leader’s Guide

On Lying Read Ephesians 4:25 1. How important is speaking the truth to most people in our world? I guess there might be some people who say they think speaking the truth is important but if you look carefully at how they live you find even most of those people are lying. There are some things people do that they still feel guilty about, but lying is becoming so common, that there are many people who lie and they barely even think about it, it is almost like breathing to them, they value the truth so little. 2. What are … Continue reading Putting Off Lying Worksheet: Leader’s Guide

Fear Worksheet

Sometimes when you are working through a particular problem in your life, it helps to have a little “homework” to do. Here’s one worksheet that may help some as you deal with the problem of fear. FEAR WORKSHEET One of the reasons we often don’t fully step out in obedience to God’s commands is because we are afraid of what will happen to us if we do. Instead of gently responding to the person in front of us, we attempt to control them through manipulative speech. Instead of sharing the gospel with someone, we smile and nod and remain quiet. … Continue reading Fear Worksheet

Understanding Misunderstanding

It can very frustrating to be misunderstood. It is especially frustrating when someone thinks you have done something you haven’t or thinks someone else hasn’t done something they have and you can multiply that frustration by ten when they fail to listen to you so that they can actually understand what really happened. This is the soil in which sinful anger and bitterness can easily grow. This can very quickly become quicksand which grabs hold of your ankles, causing you to stop moving forward in the cause of Christ and dragging you deeper and deeper into a muddy mess. What … Continue reading Understanding Misunderstanding

Anger gone bad

People don’t usually get angry randomly. When we get angry, we usually feel like we have a reason. But unfortunately, while the Bible does indicate that there is such a thing as righteous anger, a whole lot of our anger isn’t. This is a problem because sinful anger doesn’t help us do what God wants. We need to be able to spot the symptoms of anger gone bad. Here are some questions which might help: 1.) Why am I angry? Am I primarily concerned about a sin against God or something that annoys me? Has a biblical principle been violated … Continue reading Anger gone bad

Are you bitter?

Is there a way to tell the difference between being genuinely hurt and disappointed in the way you have been treated and being bitter about it? When God commands us not to become bitter He is not commanding us to stop feeling pain when someone mistreats us or to start lying about what has really happened to us and pretending that what was really awful was something it wasn’t. But He is warning us about something. When we have been hurt by others, bitterness is a very real problem, it is a sin that He commands us to put off, … Continue reading Are you bitter?

Soul Searching Questions…

It’s helpful to stop on a regular basis and think about what God is doing in your life. I’d encourage you to ask yourself the following questions, then get together with your husband, wife or friend and talk about your answers. 1.) What Scripture has God been using to teach you lately? What spiritual truth is He teaching you? 2.) What are some of the ways God has answered prayers in your life lately? What specific things are you thankful to God about? 3.) What has caused you to shout out, “God you are great” recently? 4.) Is there something … Continue reading Soul Searching Questions…