Speaking the Truth Worksheet: Leader’s Guide

Ephesians 4:25 “Speak the truth to one another” There is more to being holy in your speech than simply stopping lying. We need to develop a whole other way of speaking to one another. It is important we think carefully about what it means to speak the truth. 1. Think for a moment about reasons why a follower of Jesus must be known as a truth speaker. What is the connection between Jesus and truth? 2. What does it mean to speak the truth to one another? What would this look like in a church or small group or family? … Continue reading Speaking the Truth Worksheet: Leader’s Guide

Putting Off Lying Worksheet: Leader’s Guide

On Lying Read Ephesians 4:25 1. How important is speaking the truth to most people in our world? I guess there might be some people who say they think speaking the truth is important but if you look carefully at how they live you find even most of those people are lying. There are some things people do that they still feel guilty about, but lying is becoming so common, that there are many people who lie and they barely even think about it, it is almost like breathing to them, they value the truth so little. 2. What are … Continue reading Putting Off Lying Worksheet: Leader’s Guide

Making Disciples from Ephesians

I have been thinking a lot about helping others disciple others. What do I want to do as we plant this church? I want to make disciples. Bottom line. Glorify God by making disciples. I don’t want to simply gather a crowd, I want to make disciples. It’s easy to go at this the wrong way round, for sure, trying to gather a crowd who show up on Sundays, but if I focus first on that, I don’t think I am going to be very effective in making disciples. On the other hand, if I work on making disciples, I … Continue reading Making Disciples from Ephesians