Am I Greedy?

Greed is a blinding sin, which means the greedy person often doesn’t even know he is greedy. Richard Baxter gives a number of tests to help evaluate whether or not you are greedy. I’ll paraphrase: 1. You do not desire God more than you do prosperity. You think more about getting ahead financially than you do getting ahead spiritually. (Rom. 13:14; Matt. 6:19; 1 Tim. 3:8; Phil 3:19; Ezek. 33:31; Jer. 9:23.) 2. You make friends because of what they can do for you financially. You are not nearly as concerned about making friends who will help you move forward … Continue reading Am I Greedy?

The Tyranny of Things

Why are people who claim to love freedom so willing to submit to the tyranny of materialism? Great quote, 1893, Edward Martin “If another man tries to oppress him, he understands that and is ready to fight to death and sacrifice all he has, rather than submit; but the tyranny of things is so subtle, so gradual in its approach, and comes so masked with seeming benefits, that it has him hopelessly bound before he suspects his fetters. He says from day to day, “I will add thus to my house;” “I will have one or two more horses;” “I … Continue reading The Tyranny of Things


I think this is a very helpful article on developing “compassion permanence…” Here are a few other thoughts I had along the same lines… Resolutions: I know that on my own apart from God’s grace I can’t keep any of the following resolutions. I make these resolutions crying out to my Savior Jesus Christ for help. 1.) I am committed to finding ways to remind myself and others of the needs that do exist in this world on a regular basis. 2.) I am committed to asking myself what sins lay behind my materialism. Is it because I don’t believe … Continue reading Linkage…

Harvie Conn on Missions, Justification and Seeking Justice..(which I subtitle: why the Macks are moving to Africa)

“The cutting edge of the church in the city is lordship evangelism – Jesus proclaimed by word and deed, Jesus our justification and our justice. A biblical call to repentance and faith in Christ does not call us away from the city; it calls us to live under the lordship of Jesus Christ in every area of the city. Personal commitment to Jesus is foundational. But on that foundation we erect a model home, living out the full implications of the gospel for urban Christians. Isn’t that how Paul saw it as he wrote to Corinth? I have heard people … Continue reading Harvie Conn on Missions, Justification and Seeking Justice..(which I subtitle: why the Macks are moving to Africa)

Let the Links Begin

I thought I could add a new feature to the blog and that is a category with links of helpful articles on mercy ministry. I won’t necessarily agree or disagree with every article, but I will only put up articles that I think challenge us to think more deeply on important issues. The first is an article by Bryant Myer entitled: HIV and Africa: Who is my sister? Who is my brother? Continue reading Let the Links Begin

Doing the Best Good

After church, Sunday, I was able to sit down with John Mixon director of Bethesda orphanage just outside Pretoria.  We had an interesting conversation about family orphanages versus orphanages which attempt to house as many children as possible.  By family orphanage, I mean an orphanage which has moms and dads raising a small number of children.  Obviously, ideal – but it limits you on how many children you are able to feed and clothe and provide shelter for.  It seems like an obvious choice – family orphanages until you begin to think about all the children you have to turn … Continue reading Doing the Best Good

A Biblical Rationale…subtitled “the God who answers by orphanages let him be God”

Why we are passionate about making sacrifices to help orphans in Africa.  1. God cares for orphans and widows. "He executes justice for the orphan and the widow, and shows his love for the alien by giving him food and clothing." (Deut.10:17) In Psalm 10:14 God is actually called "the helper of the fatherless…" God's attitude towards orphans and widows is revealed in the commands He gave to Israel in the Old Testament. Because of His concern for the needy, God commands his people not to take advantage of widows and orphans. "You shall not pervert the justice due an … Continue reading A Biblical Rationale…subtitled “the God who answers by orphanages let him be God”