From the Archives! Luke Sermon Manuscripts: Luke 9:21 and 22

I like reading sermon manuscripts! So, I thought it might be helpful for some if I shared some various manuscripts of messages I have preached from time to time. Now, I am not going to do the work of editing … Continue reading From the Archives! Luke Sermon Manuscripts: Luke 9:21 and 22

Trivializing the Old Testament

This past year, seeing the unity of Scripture more and more, I am without a doubt, loving the Old Testament more than I ever have before. I thank the Holy Spirit using authors like Christopher Wright and Graeme Goldsworthy, more specifically biblical theology to create such an excitement and fascination with the Old Testament. I recently found my notes from Dr. Block’s Old Testament course and I thought you might find some of his comments on symptoms that we as preachers might be trivializing the Old Testament interesting and thought provoking. Except for the actual quotes, I will paraphrase a … Continue reading Trivializing the Old Testament

What’s the Big Idea?

I thought I might jot down some interesting quotes from a book on preaching I reviewed a while back, “The Big Idea of Biblical Preaching.” “Sermons…are not addressed ‘to whom it may concern;’ they are delivered to men and women sitting at a certain time of day, usually on Sunday in a building with a zip code…’” (p.26) “While people are laughing, crying and identifying with real-life stories in drama and music, they are adopting values that contribute to a declining cultural morality. In other words, it is the stories and ideas taught by stories that influence people more often … Continue reading What’s the Big Idea?