Have you been truly humbled before God?

Are we humble? We are religious. We do certain things we are supposed to do. But are we humble? It is possible to say all the right things about God without ever truly being humbled before God. John Owen gives several questions we can ask ourselves to help us evaluate: Is the bottom of our obedience a deep apprehension and a full conviction of our own vileness and nothingness-of our being the chief of sinners, lost and undone; so that we always lie at the foot of sovereign grace and mercy? Is it so? Then, when, how, by what means, … Continue reading Have you been truly humbled before God?

Talking Edwards

I am always looking for helps learning more about Edwards and his theology. I recently found this podcast that is extremely helpful and I thought some of you might enjoy. It’s called East of Eden: “East of Eden devotes each episode to a work of Jonathan Edwards’. Several Edwards experts discuss the key features of the work in order to draw out Edwards rich biblical and systematic theology.” Continue reading Talking Edwards

What trusting God looks like

What does it mean to trust in God? If you haven’t yet trusted in God, it is actually going to be difficult to understand fully what it means. There’s a peace and confidence that comes as a result of trusting God that is bigger than words can explain, and yet, with how valuable trusting God is, it is worth it to at least try. In his sermon, Christian Safety, Jonathan Edwards highlights the following seven characteristics of a person who is really trusting God: 1.)  He knows he needs God’s help. “If we see not our great and perishing need … Continue reading What trusting God looks like

Frustrating the Frustrater

One of the ways Satan tempted Adam and Eve was by telling them they would become like God by disobeying Him. I am not sure he actually believed this would happen. Jonathan Edwards suggested he didn’t. “When Satan said so, he did not really think that this would really be the fruit of it; he aimed at that which was infinitely contrary, his lowest depression, debasement and ruin.” What grace God has shown us however, and what wisdom! Our disobedience of course did not make us like God, but instead more like the animals. Our rebellion did not elevate us, but … Continue reading Frustrating the Frustrater

Real Obedience

It is one thing to look like you take God’s Word seriously and another to really put it into practice. Unfortunately we sometimes settle for a hypocrite’s obedience. If others think I am serious about the Bible, then I am serious about the Bible. This is far from the proper response to God’s Word. Jonathan Edwards highlights three characteristics of real obedience: 1.  The obedience of the godly is sincere. Sincerity is when what a person does on the outside matches what is going on on the inside. In other words, when our outward religious activity matches up with our … Continue reading Real Obedience

The Pleasantness of Religion

As believers we often talk about the importance of self-denial and picking up our cross in following Christ. And, of course, we should. As we do so however, we should be careful to remember that we are not simply talking about self-denial for the sake of self-denial. In other words, the reason we talk so much about self-denial is not simply because we do not believe in pleasure. The reality is while there are many difficulties that come into our lives as a result of following after Jesus, there is also tremendous joy and good that is produced as well. … Continue reading The Pleasantness of Religion

How Spiritual Knowledge is Obtained

There is no knowledge as valuable as spiritual knowledge. Sometimes it seems like there is no knowledge more rare. How is spiritual knowledge obtained? Jonathan Edwards suggests the following: 1.) The procuring cause is Jesus: It was purchased for them through the work of Jesus Christ. For me to have spiritual knowledge, Jesus had to die and I need to be united to Him. 2.) The immediate efficient cause is the Spirit: All spiritual saving light is given by the immediate teaching of the Holy Spirit. For me to have spiritual knowledge, the Spirit of God has to remove the … Continue reading How Spiritual Knowledge is Obtained