Have you been truly humbled before God?

Are we humble? We are religious. We do certain things we are supposed to do. But are we humble? It is possible to say all the right things about God without ever truly being humbled before God. John Owen gives several questions we can ask ourselves to help us evaluate: Is the bottom of our obedience a deep apprehension and a full conviction of our own vileness and nothingness-of our being the chief of sinners, lost and undone; so that we always lie at the foot of sovereign grace and mercy? Is it so? Then, when, how, by what means, … Continue reading Have you been truly humbled before God?

What makes Satan clap

It is tempting for us to have hard thoughts about God. It can even feel somewhat holy to think He is angry with us and if not angry, to feel that He only puts up with us and barely at that. I know there are times where I feel like God must look at me with a feeling of deep disappointment. One reason we might feel like that is because we know ourselves and we are disappointed by ourselves. I can stand in front of the mirror all day long and say I am good enough, I am strong enough, … Continue reading What makes Satan clap