He loved me and gave himself up for me…

Is there anything more important than knowing for sure that Jesus loves you and gave himself for you? Not only does this thought give you the hope of heaven, it enables you to live a beautiful life here on earth. As Charles Spurgeon writes, “When you have something to do for Jesus that rather tries you, when you feel disappointed and baffled, and the devil tempts you to give it all up, and run away, you will say to yourself, “How can I? He loved me, and gave Himself for me.” By Gethsemane and Calvary you will bind yourself to … Continue reading He loved me and gave himself up for me…

Do you want to be your own God?

Be warned. Self-righteousness is a serious sin. “Everyone who seeks righteousness by works without faith denies God and wants to be known as God. Such a person thinks like this, ‘If I do this particular work, I will be conqueror over sin, death, the devil, God’s wrath and hell and obtain eternal life.’ But tell me, what else is this but to want to pry away that work that belongs to God, and that is acting like your own god.” Martin Luther Continue reading Do you want to be your own God?

A Word for Idolaters

James Gray offers four warnings to those who are tempted to prefer things above God: “1. Be persuaded that there is more joy in the hope and expectation of your idols than in the enjoyment of them. All the enjoyment of an idolater stands in hope, little of it stands in fruition. 2. When a soul comes to the enjoyment of its predominant idol, God [often] blasts the idol or cuts short your life ordinarily. We see this in the parable of that fool in the gospel, when he embraces his predominant idol. 3. An eternity’s enjoyment of your idols … Continue reading A Word for Idolaters

Five Tests for Missionaries

John Piper “The utterly crucial question for many of you, as you have prayed and thought about giving your life, or a substantial part of it, to missions, is: Can I do this? Can I bear this weight of being the aroma of Christ in some new place? By God’s grace, you can. Paul gives us five tests . . . to help us know that. I will turn them into questions for you to answer: 1) Do you treasure Christ enough so that you do not peddle his word? Paul says, “For we are not, like so many, peddlers … Continue reading Five Tests for Missionaries