A Word for Idolaters

James Gray offers four warnings to those who are tempted to prefer things above God: “1. Be persuaded that there is more joy in the hope and expectation of your idols than in the enjoyment of them. All the enjoyment of an idolater stands in hope, little of it stands in fruition. 2. When a soul comes to the enjoyment of its predominant idol, God [often] blasts the idol or cuts short your life ordinarily. We see this in the parable of that fool in the gospel, when he embraces his predominant idol. 3. An eternity’s enjoyment of your idols … Continue reading A Word for Idolaters

Five Tests for Missionaries

John Piper “The utterly crucial question for many of you, as you have prayed and thought about giving your life, or a substantial part of it, to missions, is: Can I do this? Can I bear this weight of being the aroma of Christ in some new place? By God’s grace, you can. Paul gives us five tests . . . to help us know that. I will turn them into questions for you to answer: 1) Do you treasure Christ enough so that you do not peddle his word? Paul says, “For we are not, like so many, peddlers … Continue reading Five Tests for Missionaries

A right and wrong sectarianism

“The gospel of Jesus Christ is a very fearless gospel. It is the very reverse of that pretty thing called ‘modern charity.’ The last created devil is ‘modern charity. ‘Modern charity’ goes cap in hand round to us all, and it says, ‘You are all right, every one of you. Do not quarrel any longer; Sectarianism is a horrid thing, down with it! down with it!’ and so it tries to induce all sorts of persons to withhold a part of what they believe, to silence the testimony of all Christians upon points wherein they differ. I believe that that … Continue reading A right and wrong sectarianism

He denied Himself everything nature desires…

“The life of Christ was one of self-denial. He denied himself for thirty years, all the glories and happiness of the heavenly world and exposed himself to all the pains and sorrows of a life on earth. He denied Himself the praises and adorations of saints and angels, and exposed Himself to the blasphemies and reproaches of men. He denied Himself the presence and enjoyment of God and exposed Himself to the society of publican and sinners. He denied Himself everything that nature desires; He exposed himself to everything she dreads and abhors; to poverty, contempt, pain and death. When … Continue reading He denied Himself everything nature desires…