A Process for Discipleship: part five

If you picture the Christian life, it is not that you become a Christian and then kachow, you know everything and you are obedient in every area, you come out of the new birth, spiritually an adult. No. That’s not how growth works. You wouldn’t use the word grow if that’s how it worked. It wouldn’t make sense to say grow in this, if you came out complete and fully developed in every area spiritually. And it’s clear, in the New Testament you don’t. You are saved and the moment you are saved you are justified completely. You are saved … Continue reading A Process for Discipleship: part five

M28 Session One: Go means Go

About a year ago now, I started working on developing a discipleship training course for the people in our church.  I am not sure if you will find this helpful, but I thought I could share a few of the lessons in this course one by one.  Here’s the first: Session 1 Making Disciples ——- Are you ready for something big? Sharing the gospel.  Making disciples.  Starting a movement.  Changing our city.  Impacting our world.  I don’t know what your first reaction to statements like that is, but mine is fear.  It sounds exciting, yes; but I don’t think I … Continue reading M28 Session One: Go means Go