A Process for Discipleship: part thirteen

Christianity is not just a doing religion. It is a religion based on certain truths, certain great realities, and if you don’t understand or believe those, you will never understand how God wants you to act or anything else about the Christian life. It is not just, Christianity, a certain experience or feeling, it’s very concerned with truth and that’s why it is so essential that we as disciplers help the people we are discipling understand what the Scripture teaches in a systematic and orderly way.  Now the next question of course is what is it that we should make … Continue reading A Process for Discipleship: part thirteen

Everything depends on the message

“Everything…depends on the message which your living agents proclaim. They must know what they have got to do. If they only go about telling men not to get drunk, not to fight, not to gamble, not to swear, not break the Sabbath, they may as just well stay home. If they want to do good, they must tell men to believe as well as repent.  They must tell the story of the cross.  They must magnify that grand article of the Apostles’ creed, ‘I believe in the forgiveness of sin.’ They must make much of that doctrine which fits the … Continue reading Everything depends on the message

A Process for Discipleship: part ten

One of the primary goals of discipleship is to help someone else mature spiritually.   But what does spiritual maturity actually look like? There’s a sense in which that question is easier to answer and difficult at the same time because there is so much in the New Testament that talks about it. The way John describes it, if we go back to 1 John 2:13.  “I am writing to you fathers, because you know him who is from the beginning.” So spiritually mature people don’t just know truth, they know God. There is truth there and there’s a relationship … Continue reading A Process for Discipleship: part ten

A Process for Discipleship: part eight

A third possible spiritual condition is that of a spiritual child.   You remember how John says, I am writing to you children. The person you are discipling might be spiritually dead, a spiritual baby, or they might be a spiritual child.  Now of course, I am just trying to provide you some practical help, some things to think through.  These aren’t cast in stone, but I am trying to give some guidance to your discipleship.  One of the fundamental characteristics of a spiritual baby and a spiritual child seems to be ignorance of the truth.  When you are discipling, … Continue reading A Process for Discipleship: part eight

A Process for Discipleship: part five

If you picture the Christian life, it is not that you become a Christian and then kachow, you know everything and you are obedient in every area, you come out of the new birth, spiritually an adult. No. That’s not how growth works. You wouldn’t use the word grow if that’s how it worked. It wouldn’t make sense to say grow in this, if you came out complete and fully developed in every area spiritually. And it’s clear, in the New Testament you don’t. You are saved and the moment you are saved you are justified completely. You are saved … Continue reading A Process for Discipleship: part five

A Process for Discipleship: part one

It’s one thing to know that you are supposed to do something. It’s another to know how. Understanding that we are supposed to go out and make disciples is great, but if we as believers are actually going to make disciples, we also need some help understanding how exactly we can go about doing that. That is why at our church we have been working through some of the key elements in the disciple-making process. We began by looking at the apostle Paul and the way he describes his ministry in 1 Thessalonians 1 and 2, as an illustration of … Continue reading A Process for Discipleship: part one