Paul in Athens

Was Paul’s missionary work in Athens unsuccessful?  There are two indicators that it was actually fruitful.  First, what Luke does say happened.  Second, what Luke doesn’t say happened.  1.  Luke mentions two converts by name. (Acts 17:34) In Paphos, Philippi, Thessalonica and Corinth he only mentions one.  There are other cities Paul visited where Luke doesn’t speak of any specific converts.  2.  Athens was one of the only places on this particular missionary journey where Paul was not chased out of the city.    Continue reading Paul in Athens

Everything depends on the message

“Everything…depends on the message which your living agents proclaim. They must know what they have got to do. If they only go about telling men not to get drunk, not to fight, not to gamble, not to swear, not break the Sabbath, they may as just well stay home. If they want to do good, they must tell men to believe as well as repent.  They must tell the story of the cross.  They must magnify that grand article of the Apostles’ creed, ‘I believe in the forgiveness of sin.’ They must make much of that doctrine which fits the … Continue reading Everything depends on the message

10 Reasons to Share the Gospel with Someone Today

1. It is a joy to talk about the greatness of God. 2. It helps us remember the work of Christ on our behalf. It will remind us of His love for us. 3. It will keep us from becoming proud if we really think about what we are saying. 4. The person who has not repented of their sins is in an absolutely desperate position. Dead, blind, slaves, these are all images the Bible uses to describe the unbeliever’s condition. This means if we really love a person, how can we not want to share the gospel with them? … Continue reading 10 Reasons to Share the Gospel with Someone Today

The basic approach…part 2

In a previous post we noted that when approaching someone with the gospel it is important to ask the question: Who am I speaking to? Let me suggest a second question to ask. Who am I? I think this is an important question to consider for two reasons. First, we see in the Scriptures that God was happy to use different people with different personalities to communicate His message with others in a variety of different ways. Paul is not Peter is not James is not the prophet Obadiah. While certainly we can learn from others and while certainly there … Continue reading The basic approach…part 2