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7 Nov

It is sometimes difficult for me to identify the difference between being motivated by fear or wisdom. Fear can be a gift from God to stop us from doing things that are stupid, but fear can be so good at its job of stopping us that it sometimes keeps us from doing things we should.

I remember someone arguing with me that I should rappel down a cliff. He said I just needed to overcome my fear. I told him I never want to stop being afraid of falling off a cliff. (Though I did end up rappelling down anyway because it seemed like fun.) There are times when being afraid is wise, but there are times when fear stops us from doing something and it’s not wise, it is foolish.

To put it in question form:

Is my unwillingness to do something produced by a legitimate fear and therefore wise?

Or is my unwillingness to do something produced by sinful fear and therefore foolish?

Sometimes the line between the two is obvious. Many times though it feels like it isn’t. It reminds me of how the proverb answer a fool according to his folly is followed by the proverb don’t answer a fool according to his folly. Which is it? There are times when it is right and times when it is wrong. Am I being arrogant and reckless or am I being cowardly? God help us.

I am not sure I have an answer but questions like these make me go back to THE answer and that is the grace of God and the righteousness of Christ. There are times in life when you sit down and it feels like you can’t get to the bottom of your motives. You could explain it either way and other people could as well. It can make you a little tired actually, if you don’t look up to the cross of Christ and thank God that He died to forgive us of our obvious sins and the ones we don’t even for sure are sin or not.