A great and extraordinary person

“If we had notice of a certain stranger being about to come into a country, and should observe that a great preparation was made for him, great things were done, many alterations made in the state of the whole country, many hands employed, persons of great note engaged in making the preparation; and all the affairs and concerns of the country ordered so as to be subservient to the design of entertaining that person, it would be natural for us to think, surely this is some extraordinary person, and it is some very great business that he is coming upon. … Continue reading A great and extraordinary person

Jesus according to Mark

In order to stir myself to worship, I sit down with the gospel of Mark every once in a while and just jot down what it tells me about Jesus.  I have gotten through chapter ten so far. Jesus…   Mark 1 1. You are center of the gospel. Mark 1:1
 2. You are the Son of God. Mark 1:1
 3. You are the Messiah. Mark 1:1
 4. You are Lord. Mark 1:3
 5. You are the point of John the Baptist’s ministry. Mark 1:2-8
 6. You are mightier than John the Baptist. Mark 1:7
 7. You are so important John … Continue reading Jesus according to Mark