Rewards in Heaven

Interesting thoughts on heaven from Jonathan Edwards. “There are different degrees of happiness and glory in heaven. As there are degrees among the angels, viz. thrones, dominions, principalities, and powers; so there are degrees among the saints. In heaven are many mansions, and of different degrees of dignity. The glory of the saints above will be in some proportion to their eminency in holiness and good works here. Christ will reward all according to their works. He that gained ten pounds was made ruler over ten cities, and he that gained five pounds over five cities. Luke 19:17; 2 Cor. … Continue reading Rewards in Heaven

What does a hypocrite look like? part 2

(We are working our way through a sermon Jonathan Edwards preached on the nature of hypocrisy, looking at characteristics he gives of the hypocrite, in order to repent when we see this stuff popping up in our own hearts.)  When a person talks about how much he hates sin in order to look good to the people around them.   Sometimes people seem to think they really hate sin because they say they really hate sin.   But there’s obviously more to it than that.  Because most of us are pretty concerned with what other people think.  Other people’s opinions … Continue reading What does a hypocrite look like? part 2

What does a hypocrite look like?

We probably should just admit it.  Most of us are pretty good at being fake. We have been working at it a long time.  We learn fake before age two.   I will always remember taking my daughter up for discipline with her hugging me and saying in between her tears, “I happy Dad.  I happy now.”  Even as believers we struggle with falling into a pattern of hypocrisy. That’s why Peter says in 1 Peter 2, we have to put it off if we are going to want the Word and he’s talking to believers.   It’s actually pretty … Continue reading What does a hypocrite look like?