Jonathan Edwards and Doing Good

Jonathan Edwards helped us move to Africa.  It sounds funny to say that, given that he lived and died so many years ago now. But, I was doing a lot of thinking at the time about Christians and the financially poor, and I came upon the Jonathan Edwards Center’s website where they had many of his sermons available to study.   So I studied and read and was challenged to see how much he had to say about it. More importantly, how much the Bible had to say about it.  Unfortunately, I am not the best at filing. O.k., maybe … Continue reading Jonathan Edwards and Doing Good

An Apologetic for Orphan Care part five

You sometimes get the feeling when you begin to talk about adoption with some individuals that they feel like you are talking about a lightweight doctrine.  Not so!  Adoption is one of the highest and most significant privileges the gospel reveals.  In fact, J.I. Packer once said if he were asked to summarize the New Testament message in three words his proposal would be “adoption through propitiation and I do not expect to ever meet a richer or more pregnant summary of the gospel than that.”  If you are able, we would love to have you come and explore why … Continue reading An Apologetic for Orphan Care part five

An Apologetic for Orphan Care part four

It is hard to believe Together for Adoption is less than two weeks away.  We are looking forward to a missions team from the United States coming at the end of this week, then a trip to Lesotho to help build a church facility and bang, the conference is here!  Please be praying that God will use this conference to encourage his people and to help fuel a movement. And oh yeah, if you haven’t registered yet, this is the week!  To motivate you, we have been working our way through James 1:27, trying to understand why James brings up … Continue reading An Apologetic for Orphan Care part four