Bible Overview Links and Resources, part 1

We are beginning a two year course in which we will seek to provide an overview of the entire Bible. I can’t describe how happy working on this has made me. It is such a joy to study God’s Word. The more you dive in, the deeper you find it, and the more satisfaction God produces through it! There are many people in town who are interested in learning more about the Bible, and so we hope over the years this basic foundational course will be of great help to many of them. (For more information, check out the registration … Continue reading Bible Overview Links and Resources, part 1

Trivializing the Old Testament

This past year, seeing the unity of Scripture more and more, I am without a doubt, loving the Old Testament more than I ever have before. I thank the Holy Spirit using authors like Christopher Wright and Graeme Goldsworthy, more specifically biblical theology to create such an excitement and fascination with the Old Testament. I recently found my notes from Dr. Block’s Old Testament course and I thought you might find some of his comments on symptoms that we as preachers might be trivializing the Old Testament interesting and thought provoking. Except for the actual quotes, I will paraphrase a … Continue reading Trivializing the Old Testament