Adoption is War part four

One lie that we are tempted to believe is, “I don’t have what it takes to do what God’s calling me to do.”     If you are an honest and humble person you will find that adopting and working with children who are in crisis situations can often seem overwhelming. Sometimes when we are feeling the weight of that pressure we feel like God hasn’t given us the resources we need to actually respond to the pressure in a way that honors him. And that is a terrible place for us to be, because if we doubt that God has … Continue reading Adoption is War part four

An Apologetic for Orphan Care part two

It is one day closer to our first ever Together for Adoption conference here in Pretoria, South Africa.  We are hoping God will use this conference to increase our joy in our adoption and spark a theologically driven adoption movement here in South Africa.  I began yesterday working through several reasons we are convinced that it is vitally important we as believers reach out to orphans with the love of God.  The first reason had to do with the character of God.  Here are reasons two and three: ——————————————————————————- Second, a lack of concern for the orphan and widow is … Continue reading An Apologetic for Orphan Care part two

An Apologetic for Orphan Care part one

We are excited to be able to host a Together for Adoption Conference here in South Africa on March 1 and 2nd.  It is a great deal of work putting on a conference and is requiring a great deal of faith as well, trusting that God will make His name look great through our feeble efforts.  Over the next several posts, I thought I might share some reasons why we believe the way we respond to the orphan crisis in our midst is such an important topic for us to consider.  —– If you wanted to test the reality of … Continue reading An Apologetic for Orphan Care part one