Paul in Athens

Was Paul’s missionary work in Athens unsuccessful?  There are two indicators that it was actually fruitful.  First, what Luke does say happened.  Second, what Luke doesn’t say happened.  1.  Luke mentions two converts by name. (Acts 17:34) In Paphos, Philippi, Thessalonica and Corinth he only mentions one.  There are other cities Paul visited where Luke doesn’t speak of any specific converts.  2.  Athens was one of the only places on this particular missionary journey where Paul was not chased out of the city.    Continue reading Paul in Athens


If you talk to many unbelievers you’ll find there are a lot of Bible words they are not interested in. There is one Bible word found in Colossians 1:27 that almost every single unbeliever I have ever met is vitally interested in and that is the word glory. Paul describes his message as revealing, “the hope of glory.” Many unbelievers are very interested in glory and you know it is not just unbelievers that are concerned with glory. Believers are as well. Paul is. It is just that the Bible is concerned with a much deeper, more substantial, glory than … Continue reading Glory