More than a little extra help!

No one wants to be told their problems are too big for them to solve. Talk to a drunk, as he staggers away in a drunken stupor, and he’ll shout out, “Don’t worry about me! I’ve got this under control. I can handle it…” People are so committed to this way of thinking about themselves that it affects their view of God and of salvation and spiritual growth. Whether you are talking to Mormon, a Muslim, or your average every day person, you’ll find at the core of whatever faith they have, a belief that somehow through what they do, … Continue reading More than a little extra help!

How Great a Salvation part 3

In Titus 3:3, Paul identifies six characteristics that were true of each and every one of us before God saved us. It is important to take a good look at who we were before God saved us if we are going to understand and appreciate just how big what God did in saving us really is. To begin, we were foolish. He writes, “For we ourselves once were also foolish.” Another word for it, senseless. Because this is a word that literally means, ‘lacking sense, lacking judgment, ignorant, unable to perceive God’s wrath.” Now it is important to understand that … Continue reading How Great a Salvation part 3

How Great A Salvation part 2

I think “photoshopping” is a pretty cool invention. I like pictures and I like the ability to digitally edit them. Especially pictures of myself. I can’t believe how bad I can look in a photograph, and I like having the ability to manipulate the picture on the computer to the point where I am actually not so embarrassed by what I see. I will take a better looking me even if it is not the real me, anytime. Which I think is true for most people, and I am not just talking about pictures that come from a camera. I … Continue reading How Great A Salvation part 2

How great a salvation! part 1

“But when the kindness and goodness of God our Savior appeared, He saved us…” Titus 3:4,5 What issues were of greatest concern to you this past week? Your children, maybe? Finances? Your relationship with your boss and fellow employees? Sports, perhaps? Life is busy and a wide range of things can occupy our attention. It is remarkable how many different things seem so very important to us as we go about our lives. I am convinced however that no matter what your past week was like, there is no issue of greater importance in your life than the subject of … Continue reading How great a salvation! part 1